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Nothing better to start the day than having a nice, tasty breakfast, Claudia already did! =D

Life is strange, but awesome!

I just played the second chapter of this beautiful videogame and I am SO DAMN IN LOVE with it. All the little stories which build the game are awesome. And of course I am shipping hard Max an Chloe. ("Oh! What a surprise..!" You might be thinking...xD)
I'm so "hella" impatient to play the next episode, agfdasfgdasf....


Alex Wesker Stamp by CrystaliqEffects
Moira Burton Stamp by Soraya-MendezSherry Birkin - STAMP - by Sheeny-SideAccountClaire Redfield stamp by Queen-Stormcloak
Rebecca Chambers by QuidxProxQuoAlt Outfit Heather Stamp by angelbebop8
Chris Redfield by QuidxProxQuoJill Valentine by QuidxProxQuo
Cybil Stamp by angelbebop8Harry Mason Stamp by angelbebop8Happy Lisa Stamp by angelbebop8
It's a boat Harry Stamp by angelbebop8In My Mind Stamp by angelbebop8


Life is Strange stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO

Life is Strange Max Caulfield Stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO :heart: Life is Strange Chloe Price stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO

Current Residence: Spain
Favourite genre of music: Mostly electronic music, like commercial dance or house, but I listen to all kinds of music.

Favourite cartoon character: Rebecca Chambers,Heather Mason and Jill Valentine.

Shipping Stamp by Ferret-X

If you like Heather Mason X Rebecca Chambers pairing (Hecca), or crossover pairings with Resident Evil and Silent Hill characters involved, you're invited to join and to enjoy our group! :



Silent Hill 3 Stamp by LadyYukirin :heart: Rebecca Chambers Fan by QuidxProxQuo


support us! by Emmie-Pendleton

Crossover Addict Stamp by TwinEnigma

Silent Hill Stamp by XxKeairaxX silent hill stamp by otakulottie

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Umbrella RE stamp by DeviantSith +Resident Evil+ by blazer87
- Available: Well...yes, If you find me in a good mood. xD
- Age: 23.
- Annoyance: Nothing for now, (nothing too intense)
- Allergic: None, I think.
- Animal: Black panther.
- Actress: Mila Jovovich.

- Birthday/Birthplace:  April 26th, Madrid Spain.
- Best Friends: From my group: Miriam, Jennifer, Eva, Nuria, Zoe, David...From DA: Matt, Lyssa, Charles, Emmie.
- Blind or Deaf: No. But maybe I'll be both in some years if I keep being in front of an screen for hours listening electronic music this loud on the headphones.
- Best weather: Sunny, but not hot weather please, I prefer the cold.
- Been in Love: Yes.
- Been on stage?: Yes, that was not a good idea. xD
- Believe in yourself?: I have my moments. It depends of my mood.
- Believe in life on other planets: If we talk about little microorganisms, yes. If we talk about the creatures from Alien or Mars Attack, not really :XD:
- Believe in miracles: Hmm...I think not.
- Believe in Magic: No.
- Believe in God: No.
- Believe in Satan: No. I'm atheist, for both sides of the balance.
- Believe in ghosts/spirits: This has no sense because I don't believe in magic, God, Satan or Aliens, but for any reason, yes. I do believe in ghosts and spirits.
- Believe in Evolution: Of course.

- Clothing Style: Nothing in special. One day I can wear posh clothes,  another I can wear casual or denim clothes, and another I can dress like a rock girl or rap girl or even tomboy. It depends of the day.
- Characteristics: Ahm....This is a really general question, I dunno. You can read this test to see them (?)
- Candy: Not my stuff.
- Color: Purple.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Dark chocolate (I coincide with Matt xD)
- Cake or pie: pie.
- Countries to visit: Japan, USA, Ireland, Germany...

- Day or Night: Ahm...I can enjoy both :D
- Dream vehicle: Actually I don't care about that so much. At first I could tell you my dream vehicle is an "smart" just because is wonderful for finding a place for parking :XD: I dunno, I could say an Honda motorcycle would be okay too.
- Danced?: Yep.
- Dance in the middle of the street: Yes XDD
- Do the splits?: No. Never. I'm not interested on break both of my legs, thank you.

- Eyes: Brown and green.
- Everyone has: a nose (?)
- Ever failed a class?: Yes.

- Full name: Beatriz.
- First thoughts waking up: *hugs the pillow* "I love you sweetheart, I don't want to leave you, really"
- Food: Spaguetti, quiché, soup.

- Greatest Fear: To feel alone.
- Giver or taker: o_o   LOL, in what sense are we talking about?
- Goals: Succeed in what I believe (I liked it and I use same sentence than Matt)
- Get along with your parents?: ...mmmmeh. It depends.
- Good luck charms: Two silver necklaces I always wear.

- Hair Color: My natural one is almost black, but I change it to brunette or dark blonde usually.
- Height: 1'65 cm
- Happy: I could say yes, for now.
- Holidays: Always welcomed.
- How do you want to die: Oh, what a beautiful question. I don't know, being useful or I don't want to notice when it happens.
- Health freak?: No. I smoke and drink ocassionally, that wouldn't have sense. :XD:
- Hate: People who thinks they can control another lifes, or to impose everybody their opinion is the right way, and everything else is wrong.

- Ice Cream: Chocolate.
- Instrument: I used to play irish flute, and some wind instruments, but not now.

- Jewelry: My necklaces, a ring in my left thumb, and two more on my middle and ring fingers of my right hand.
- Job: Student. :XD:

- Kids: Maybe someday.
- Keep a journal?: No.

- Longest car ride: 2 hours. (I mean, driving myself)
- Love: Romantic love? Years ago. It took off my interest to repeat again for a while.
- Letter: from the lost days"   xD
- Laughed so hard you cried: Oh yes :XD: When someone makes me to do that, I'll love that person forever. I love people who makes me laugh.
- Love at first sight: Once, I could say.

- Movie: Pfff.....So many. I can't think about just one now.
- Marriage: I don't know. Let's see what I think if I find someday someone who makes me think about that option.
- Motion sickness?: When I was younger, a lot.

- Number of Siblings: None.
- Number of Piercing: None. If that counts, apart of the usual earrings, one more on the cartilague of my left ear.
- Number: 7

- One wish: To be able of take care of myself, with my own job, home, car, etc xD
- One phobia: Mental sickness. I dunno, it scares me since I had an anxiety period.

- Place you'd like to live: I'm fine being here.
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke. Liht Coke.

- Questionnaires: This one?

- Reason to cry: Feeling alone.
- Reality TV: No way.
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yes! :D

- Song: I have thousands. Maybe "no good for me" from The Corrs.
- Shoe size: 38/39 (EU size)
- Skipped school: During highschool, a lot :XD:
- Slept outside: Yes, while camping.
- Seen a dead body?: Only in a funeral.
- Shower daily?:  Of course, I need it to awake at morning.
- Sing well?: Ahm...I dunno. Normal level (?)
- Swear?: Maybe.
- Stuffed Animals?: Eternal love for them. :XD:
- Single/Group dates: I don't remember we did it intentionally, but It happened some times when partying at night xD
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

- Time for bed: From 00:00 to 02:00 a.m
- Thunderstorms: Are awesome.
- Touch your tongue to your nose?: No (I just tried)

- Unpredictable: According to my stubborn and sometimes short tempered personality, yes. Sometimes.
- Understanding?: I always do my best to be empathic.

- Vacation spot: A city.

- Weakness: It's not smart to say that here.
- When you grow up: ...I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in moovieees (Pussycat Dolls).
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Jenny. She is a girl who has the same short temper than I, and that make we argue a looooooooot, but, we are the best friends inside our group of friends. Curious xD
- Have the same taste in most things: Matt (he is my male-self XD)
- Who makes you laugh the most: (Aww Matt you are lovely xD you make me laugh too) and some of my friends from my group from here (spain).
- Worst feeling: Being helpless.
- Where do we go when we die: It's time to roll the credits.
- Worst weather: Super intense rain mixed with wind. I HATE it.
- Walk with a book on your head?: Maybe on exams, studying hours makes you do weird things sometimes.

- X-Rays: Yeah.

- Year it is now: 2015

- Zoo animal: The Sloth, is so damn cute xDD
- Zodiac sign: Taurus.

This was a questionnaire I made thanks to :iconshoni89: Not a problem to do it since I was idling xD

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